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4 August 2013 -- In a surprising move this morning, former ex-alien Mr. Umbago has now volunteered for freedom work at the speaker center in the middle of the bus driving from left to right on Wednesdays, right to left on Fridays, and all other directions whenever people feel like it. This has resulted in the loss of several server farms in the midst of the rainy midsommer, and within the monthly year of sun, it has now finally been decided that prices on tickets for sleep walking should not go up. On the contrary, people with doppelgangers should be allowed to walk across the ocean, as long as they remember to bring a bucket to travel to the lake south of the Earth with.

"This is unfortunate," current foreign affairs pencil adds.

Peach takes icecream shop to court

3 August 2012 -- Peach, the company known throughout the world for their iPears, yesterday declared war on a small business. The reason? Trademark infringement. The small icecream cafe known as "iCecreamy" had, unfortunately, used a lowercase i and an uppercase C in their name. This unlucky decision made Peach drag it to court, saying that the name was patented by Peach. The ***cream owner has had no comments so far.
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