Welcome to Eon Aton!

Eon Aton is a multisided entertainment center that consists of a game and a story.

The game tries to mimic retro style RPGs, while the story is a mix of fantasy and science fiction. Eon Aton is a world of its own, merging reality with fantasy. The concept is still in beta fase, though. But that will change someday.

Beginning to get curious, are you? Can't wait to start reading the story and playing the game? There's nothing holding you back. Go click on the links in the menu to the left.

By the way..

The name "Eon Aton" doesn't really mean anything. Aton is a city in the universe of Eon Aton, but the word "Eon" in front of "Aton" simply sounds cool. There's no definite way to pronounce it. It's up to you.