(although nobody actually asked these questions..)

Q: What's this story about?

A: Eon Aton is a story about a bunch of people who seek to have their cities restored. Naturally they'll also want to do some harm to the ones at fault. However, Eon Aton also incorporates themes such as sadness, longing and anger, while still keeping it a bit humourous at times. In theory, that is.

Q: Why did you make it?

A: I guess I was bored (this goes for the game as well).

Q: Did you ever consider quitting?

A: I never worked.

Q: I think I see a resemblance to [write random RPG here] in your story. Is this true?

A: Probably. I've played a few RPG's, and I might've copied some things. After all, there's also a reason why the Eon Aton game is RPG-like.

Q: Do you expect the public to actually like this story?

A: I don't know.